Cassie is a newbie journalist. She may be young but she is a pit bull when it comes to a story! She defines tenacious! But when she gets a bit too close to the truth when working a series of murders of shifters, her brother packs her off to a friend in the countryside to keep her out of trouble. Little did he know he just dropped her off into a whole new world of trouble!


Luke may be her brothers college friend, but he never “came out” as a shifter and he has more than enough responsibilities to deal with but he remembers the cute as a button Cassie, not the bombshell she has matured into. But he is 9 years older than Cassie and is trying to deny the fact that she is his mate, all whilst trying to keep her occupied and out of trouble!

Great wee nugget. The characters were readily relatable and my only grips was that the ending seemed a bit rushed.