Another IOps book that I had to read in one sitting! I love this world hard – they are misfits just like me!


My favourite misfits, Bill and Gus, are back causing havoc and derailing everyone’s perfectly laid plans. All in an effort to save Bane’s mate – something he didn’t think he would ever have. He has been haunted by the photo of the room-mate of his friends new mate and has been carrying out enquiries to trace her since she was taken.

Galiena is a succubus but she is not a “lady of negotiable affection”. She needs the energy to survive and since her capture she is entering dangerously low levels. But when the creeps inject her, she finally manages to escape but not before she can feel the beginnings of some new…talents. But what will she make of the fact that her longed for mate is a WereGorilla?

I loved these characters. Bane – so terrified his wild nature will break any mate, and Galiena- the succubus afraid to drain her lover dry! What a confused bunch! There are some truly comical moments and I loved the way that Gale could totally sap the strength from the big, badass dude!