Short but perfectly formed read!


Lyon is a cyborg on the run from those who created him. With his misfit crew of other Zodiac named cyborgs, he is trying to stop the mass extermination of his kind. Once a tool for war, he and his kind are now labelled monsters.

Samara is warm, caring and passionate about what she does. She may be fearful of cyborgs but when she and Lyon meet she takes him at face value and doesn’t let all the stories about cyborgs taint the way she treats him. When she is used to pay off Lyons “ransom demands” her eyes get opened to the larger universe and the cyborgs hopes of freeing themselves. But when danger comes calling she trusts in Lyon to get her to safety.

Great, fun characters and a thrilling new world.

I cannot wait to see what happens next – I’m betting a certain threesome will be HAWT!!!