Guild of Dragon Warriors

Book 2 Terigan’s Trials



My review:

Terigan has been selected by Zeeandra, Dragon Goddess, for a secret mission. Whilst the rest of the Guild are dealing with the exodus from their haven, he is off to SCOTLAND! Limited details are given about his mission, just that he has to get there quickly. With a helping hand from my favourite Chinese God, Kuan, he blinks there and finds himself in a whole mess of trouble.

Dùghall, Scottish Master, has been on the trail of a rogue werewolf. He has enslaved and killed and as Terigan and Dùghall search for clues, Terigan sees a flash of red hair. With an disregard for protocol and procedures, he feels an overwhelming need to save the female attached to the flaming locks. Unable to get to her in time, Terigan and Dùghall hatch a plan to save her and any others they come across.

Luna has been abused and debased by the rogue werewolf and is close to giving up. He killed her mother and sister in front of her and she knows she won’t last much longer. When to hulking dragons swoop in and declare that they are there to save her…well excuse her for not putting out the bunting! Where were they when the madman was slaughtering her family.

A frosty truce develops and as Zeeandra’s plan unfolds, we learn that this Goddess is never too busy to do a little matchmaking between her dragons and their destinies!!!

I loved Luna and Terigan. She is all strong, deliciously sexy wolf ….with a little something extra!!!! Terigan is wonderful as the fish out of water visitor to the wet and windy shores of Scotland. With a chance to catch up with Jaxon and Sidra and the rest of the Guild dragons, I loved the way the story is separate from but continues the story arc set down in Jaxon’s story. You will come away from this book with a slew of new insults in your arsenal. Ms Michaels peppers the story with Scots slang which I loved (as a proud Scot I didn’t even have to look up any!). You also get introduced to some..ahem delicacies of Scotland.

There are surprises, action, adventure and of course passion laced throughout this addictive page turner! A fab new addition in the AK Michaels stable