Another fabulous romp through the SF genre! The setting may be in deep space, far into the future but the problems, perils and personalities are all very current and really well placed throughout the story!


The Valiant Knox is city in the sky…well space really. It has been on the front line, facing the CSS (think Church entrenched rebels). It is home to the best of the best, not least of whom were Kai and Sacha, friends since they were teenagers.

But when Kai went missing 18 months prior, they assumed he was killed in action. But he was actually being tortured daily and just waiting for a way to escape. After his cellmate dies, Kai snaps and decides it’s now or never. He is later found, pretty much near death and brought back to the Valiant. But after his body heals, will his mind ever be able to?

Sacha was a bit of a wunderkind and Kai was her saviour. When she lost him and then 6 months lost her husband, and his best friend, she kind of shut down emotionally and just existed for her medical duties. When Kai is returned to her she is caught between acting as his doctor or as his friend, she really can’t be both. But as her feelings of relief settle she finds herself releasing some deep held feelings for Kai. But can these friends see past their friendship and joint loss to what could be the start of something very different for them.

A wonderful read! Tortured souls and strained loyalties, mix with survivors guilt and PTSD to become a superbly written and well researched story dealing with love, loss and guilt. Would it have been nice to know more about the CSS? Sure but it didn’t detract from the story and I can’t wait to see what nastiness they unleash next! With a great cast of supporting characters, I can say this was well worth the read!