Back into the action with the crew of the Valiant Knox. Kai is still adjusting to being back in control of his ship and impending fatherhood! So now it is up to the aptly named Alpha to save the day.


Leigh Alphin is at the top of his game. Designated as CAFF he is in charge of an elite wing of pilots.
But when a shuttle carrying recruits is targeted by the CSS, he gets onboard and saves a new recruit, Mia and her friend. But he seems to take way much more interest in her than he knows is healthy. And when she becomes a necessary aide in his mission to rout out the moles on board, they steadily grow closer.

Mia knows it is a BAD idea to mess around with her instructor. But he is everything she ever wanted in a man. They both know they have to be careful and that nothing can really come of their relationship. So why can’t either of them keep away?!?!? Mia may be young but she is incredibly smart and a pretty awesome hacker! She manages to scrape up some good leads…all whilst fending off the odious Steve and his cronies AND trying to pass the flight exams.

There is a real slow burn to the passion, given the characters age gap and kinda taboo nature of their relationship. But Mia is no princess and she can give as good as she gets and surprises everyone on board, not just Alpha. My favourite scene between the two of them occurs in a jet and well… lets just say cramped quarters does wonders for the passion rating!!

We see a bit more of the CSS in this and I’m dying to know what happens next?? Who is next to fall in love – Brenn, Seb or maybe Cam????