Chloe is a bit of a wild child! She is on work release from Vamp prison after falling in tow with the worst of the dregs! Now as reformed as this stubborn headed but well meaning dhampir is ever going to get, she rather enjoys being one of the good guys for a change. The fast that her boss is very pleasing on the eye no doubt helps! Her other team members seem to tolerate her even if they do keep an eye on their backs when she is around. If she could only deal with authority and orders a little more…tactfully!!!!


Ethan is the team leader and AD of the Bureau (think FBI/Police ) who ensure that Supes don’t gt too fat out of hand. He is driven to distraction by the feisty Chloe, but with secrets of his own to keep he can’t afford to let the little temptress through his carefully erected walls. When Chloe gets herself involved with her old crew, Ethan is forced to come save her from herself. They soon realise that there is way more going on than her old gang wanting her back – they need her abilities for something shady.

Add in a fellow agent with a sincere distrust of the lovely Chloe, he is unwilling to see the wood for the trees and just wants to locker her butt back in jail!

Ethan is just so mysterious! He has a LOT to his back story and we realise that he has been around the block a time or two to say the least! He can be snarky in his unguarded moments, meaning some great banter with Chloe but he is also reserved and almost stoic at other times.

I’m wanting to know what happens with the rest of the team now. I’d really like to see Hide to get a girl/or boy to help him remove the stick from his rear end!