Devin has been missing from Lena’s life for fifteen years. It’s hard to find your mate aged 7 and him be not only so much older but also far off fighting in the war. Then he was held captive by the Dragons for 5 years before finally being freed. He has returned home but is unable to connect with his wolf and fix the remaining wounds he has. Not only is he feeling physically impaired but he has also lost pretty much all his sense of smell.


Lena is hurting for Devin. That’s what mate’s do isn’t it? She tried to get him out of his rut and eventually forms a tentative friendship with him, hoping that as his wounds heal he would finally realise she was his mate. But if she’s not worried over Devin, she can worry over her fathers decline, her sister and brother-in-laws, sticky, drug addicted fingers and her own fledgling business.

But what will save them when the Dragons come a calling?

This was a great little read but is very short. I’m genuinely interested in the characters and their HEA. What’s going to happen now that the Dragons have found them??????