I really enjoyed the first book in the series and I’m not disappointed with the 2nd! I loved falling back in love with these super macho, interfering, dominate-the-room Alphas!


Trey thought a night of lust before taking up his new assignment was just what he needed. But when his bedmate does the morning after evade on him he’s left feeling that he just let something great slip through his hands. But bullets were flying at the time and he had other work at hand! Elle went to Thailand to get away from men who wanted to pin her down and put her in a box – never again! Her ONS seemed to want more and she just can’t take the chance with her heart – cause when she dumped her ex she barely passed a tear – losing Trey? She’d give Niagara a run for its money!

But Trey gets a nasty surprise when his next assignment turns out to be Elle. She is the daughter of a Senator and threats are being made against her. Trey is going to have to swallow is damaged male pride and keep her safe. But when their location keeps being blown and she is attacked several times – they go waaaaaay off the map to keep her safe. But are Trey and Elle’s hearts as safe?

The Alpha team are so a dysfunctional family. The bickering, the senseless rough housing, the name calling – it’s great! The team are in fine form and Charlie – oh my my. My fellow Brit is going to be explosive when she and “Navy” finally get around to quit shying away from each other!

Great pace and I really liked Trey as a character. Elle did have to grow on me I must admit. I’m hoping her Dr friend will turn up again cos think her and a certain Alpha would be fab together!

Plenty of romance and adventure with a side of humour – fab read!