Leona admits to being a bit of a control freak, whilst her sister is a bit of a dippy! But she is her sister and when she doesn’t return as scheduled, Leona races off to find her, deep in the heart of Shifter country.


Austin is an Alpha, in charge of his own security team of fellow shifters. He rose to the top even though he was a “made” bear rather than a natural born shifter. When he comes across the lovely Leona searching in forbidden territory he vows to help her find her sister. When they realise what has happened to her, Leona has to learn to live without her sister, cos she is going to have to stay where she is – for quite some time.

The poor put upon residents of Heartsridge, they have to put up with tourists coming “shifter spotting” and the even scarier humans who come to “bag a shifter” – in the sack!!! Austin’s team is a total mish mash of personalities, which I loved. I’m really not sure how to take the Mayor. At times I think he’s slime, at others a hard done by bureaucrat!

I can’t wait to see who they all fall in love with, although I think can bet on the next to fall!