Flying Spacemonkeys! We are back with my favourite Gladiators again. This time it is the Amazonian like Saff and the recently rescued and still recovering from drug withdrawal Blaine.


Saff is clearly one of the gang, they see her as sister in arms, capable and equally deadly as they are. She is the best net fighter of them all and she can probably put them all on their collective a$$, should she feel like it! Blaine, however, still sees her as a female, someone to protect, cherish and adore. He’s slowly recovering from the drugs the underground fighting bosses loaded him up with and his control is a bit or miss and he’s terrified of hurting Saff or any of the others.

House of Galen is left reeling from an attack and when the madness settles down they realise that some of the recently rescued females have, once again, been taken. Blaine and Saff go looking for them and some of the things Blaine is forced to do in order to not blow their cover, stick in his throat.

There is plenty happening in their book. It was great to see “Blue” was still in the care of House of Galen and I can’t wait to see what happens with him in the future. It was also great having Raiden and the other still in supportive roles, they are family to Saff and it’s only right they would be involved! Onwards and upwards to the next!!!