As a Scot I’ve always hated books with Scottish characters in them as they always sound like a bad stereotype but these are some of the few exceptions!


Malina is fed up being babied. She may be the only girl and her magic can be a bit…iffy, but she is centuries old dammit! She will admit to having a rotten taste in men..for illustration see her last boyfriend who turned out to be a demon, who she helped kill. Pity the whole “killing” didn’t stick and now he is out for revenge!

He unleashes some of the worst (but absolutely hilarious) luck on the clan. They are invaded and turfed out of their own home! Dar makes his presence known and the truth behind Malina’s foggy memories of him, her own self esteem when it comes to magic and why she feels inexplicably drawn to someone her family should be vanquishing – not canoodling with!

This clan is a hoot! I can neither confirm nor deny that some of these characters might be based on loony relatives of mine LOL! We don’t do cavorting in the moonlight though – too damn cold here! Gimme more!!!

I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way