Another great read in the series!


Lt. Commander Bradi has been keeping a secret- anot just about his true birthplace and genetic makeup! His best friend (how these 2 were friends I’ve not yet worked out cos Peter is a sleaze of the highest order!!!) introduced his fiancee Marisa and since then he has been pulled towards her. He can’t make a move on his friends girl though and sets about making it look like he’s been rather busy on scene, when in truth he’d be as well being a monk!

When their ship is attacked Peter is injured and Bradi and Marissa get stranded in another escape pod and land on a nearby planet. Unknown to Marissa, Bradi knows exactly where he is – HOME!

Sargidia is under siege by the hate-filled Stegian, aided and abetted by some of Bradi’s own relatives! But as the length of their stay grows, Marissa and Bradi can’t help but let their feelings surface. But fate and bad luck are not finished with them yet and just as happiness seems a sure thing – a giant fly lands in their ointment!

Action, Space Adventure, Daring do and hot romance. What else does a girl need???