Drew and Marina get their turn in the limelight!


Out intrepid outsiders are almost all together. They are pairing up at a fair clip …except of course Drew and Marina. He feels unworthy and she…well she despairs of her mate really!

We re-enter the Outsiders world almost 6 months after Marina lost her memories. They have tried the softly, softly approach and nada. Not it’s time for something a bit more…intense! Marina still thinks she has been kidnapped by them and refuses to cooperate fully in her own rehab.

Drew was only eight years old when he met Sebastian let him into his soul. Since then he had done his best to thwart the demons plans but in doing so he has drove a wedge between himself and the other outsiders as he doesn’t want to taint them with, what he perceives to be, his tarnished endeavours. But to save Marina he endures the longest journey back to her, through various previous versions of themselves.

Sebastian may have been made incorporeal but he can still cause havoc, mayhem and despondency wherever he floats to! The Scribe appears and we unfurl more of the mysteries of what the Outsiders are and how they balance the scales of good and evil.

This series gets better and better and I’m sad that it’s almost at an end. With Zane and Gia waiting in the wings and the Alexa/Leonardo fiasco still to untangle I can’t wait to see what happens next