Brilliant mix of SciFi and PNR with a liberal heap of sassy!


Lyssa is a bit of maverick within the Space Marines, the very things that make her a great marine make her a nightmare for the higher ups to control. She may have 3 decades of experience in the field but she will not be bought off in the conventional manner.

They decide to embed an empath on her ship, something that really makes her skin crawl. On a rare night out she lets her hair down and seduces (or is she seduced?) by a tall, sexy, dominant male. But the fun really stats the next day when they realise that HE is the empath on her ship!

She may be in control on the command deck and in the field, but behind closed doors she is more than willing to let him assert control!

Highly enjoyable start to a new series and I’m hopeful that the others in the series will expand on this world and fill in some of the gaps!