Echo and Naomi are having a hard time seeing the mutual attraction for the tension they generate. But after a fun filled night in NOLA, Echo thinks he’s finally broken down his “fiancee’s” walls.


But after a particularly hot and steamy shower, Naomi sucks up Echo’s energy and tries to backpedal from the relationship. Add in an unexpected visit from her fathers goons and she is soon putting her and Audrey’s plan into action…just a wee bit sooner than expected!

Daddy dearest is suitably hinky and I got more than a ripple of revulsion when reading all about the “Spa”.

Echo can see past Naomi’s secrets and her bridging of worlds, just so long as she realises that he wants her and nothing, not even her own fears, are going to get him out of her life!

Really sad to leave this world, it’s been a blast! Great read!