Poor Serena had just found love with Silas but Lucius Montfort had other ideas! Now held captive by him she is under constant supervision via CCTV and there is no way she can hide any visions from him. But when the visions take a decidedly weird turn Serena is left wondering just what they mean for her, Silas and Lucius!


Silas is hunting for Serena but he has few details at hand to find her. With media attention on her family after the death of her sister, Serena is now a missing person and Silas will use any and all help to find her. He reaches out to her detective friend and together they manage to narrow down the search area. But will they find her before any plans Lucius has for her come to fruition?

The book picks up where book 1 ended so there is a seamless transition between them. You can feel the increased desperation the Silas is experiencing and the sheer lack of clues he has to find Serena. Serena is doing her best to survive in Lucius’ clutches, hoping against hope that Silas can find her. She is so conflicted by her visions and what they could mean but as Lucius’ plans unfold, she attempts to fins ways that she could subvert them.

Fab read!