Jayne is the cossetted daughter of the owner TerraMates. When a new alien race approaches them with the opportunity to match up mates for their dying race, they go into crunch talks to try and help the people before their very tight deadline!

Jayne has memories of who she believes was an angel visiting her but when she meets the Crown prince she realises he was her visitor! There is a definite attraction between them and Jayne realises that to look after the new mates on the long journey, she will have to be one herself. She is linked with Arnon and she soon learns that whilst friendly towards the humans, the Auxem still have a few secrets, like they have wings and can fly!

Arnon and his brothers are all so different in nature and I loved them all! Jayne is a bit of a contradiction sometimes but a hugely enjoyable character. She and Arnon end up at cross purposes more than once and I loved that she did not just fall into line with him or his horrible dad!

I can’t wait to see if the other princes get their happily ever after!