Kade MacKenzie is a great Alpha but he is rubbish at listening to his inner self! As the Hunger increases he becomes more stubborn and crotchety! Even sage advice from his trusted Beta falls on deaf ears. Finally his wolf just about takes control of the man to ensure that he finally listens and searches for the thing that will soothe the hunger, his mate!


Kirsty is fleeing the rogues that have invaded her land and killed her parents. She manages to make to put some distance between them and ends up on Kade’s pack land. He provides sanctuary to her but will she feel to safe when she realises that she is amongst shifters, the very thing she has been fleeing?

Another great read in this new series. You will have a great grounding in Scots slang by the end of this book and a need to eat Tattie Scones! A really great collection of Scots characters and little Jimmy will steal your heart! That boy is just going to be trouble when he’s bigger!

Can’t wait to see what happens next!