Kyran has only just managed to escape from his own person hell, courtesy of the O’Baoill’s. But he is drawn to a ridge overlooking the home of Caitlin Brookes. He has no clue why but he feels the overwhelming need to be near her, protect her. Unbeknownst to him, Caitlin is way more than just a passing fancy, she is his mate!


Caitlin has been through trauma of her own but she has reclaimed some independence after losing her sight. She has her own supernatural secrets and she totally flips Kyran mind when she calls him out on his…otherness! They both have a right to vengeance against the O’Baoill’s. Caitlin just has to get the idiot to realise that as a Banshee she is capable to defending herself, she is not quite as fragile as he’d like to think!

There are little vignettes into the past tortures endured by Kyran and that really helps to cement the level of malevolence to which the O’Baoill’s have stooped. Caitlin is a real steel magnolia, all soft and fragile looking but with an inner core of steel! There is a lot to love about this book. The only reason it’s not a 5 star review is that as an actual Scot, I hate characters within books mangling the dialect! It’s really disjointing trying to work through the authors attempt to portray the admittedly guttural accent we have but sometimes it just comes across as comedy highlander sadly. But if you can ignore that then the pace, plot and characters themselves are wonderfully crafted.