A wonderful mix of Ancient Greek Legend and fairy tales!


I’m a mythology/history buff so this series of novels just plays right to my heart! I know the Eros/Psyche tale well and I have researched the history of fairy tales, incl Beauty and the Beast, and this story meshes them wonderfully together.

Psyche may be high born but she has a sense of honour and duty. She takes the place of the maiden who was to be sacrificed to the beast and intends to kill him. But he is not what she expected, even though he does have a few quirks, like she isn’t allowed to look at him and can’t go into certain parts of his garden.

Eros (Soren) is a wonderful mix of cocky god, vulnerable & cursed male. He should be happy with his lot but he hates what his curse has wrought and dreads the thought of another maiden dying because of her curiosity. He finally sees Psyche as someone who may just be able to break the curse.

With a sub plot of Psyche being sold off by her horrid family to a less than savoury character and little glimpses at characters from other books in the Halcyon series, for example, this is a great bridge between the series and is really a prequel as it shows how Psyche and Eros got involved in getting some of our couples together.

I loved the premise that whilst Eros is seeking to be loved by Psyche, he is really on a journey of being able to accept and GIVE love! Brilliant story!!!

I voluntarily leave this review after reading an advanced reader copy. I was not compensated in any way for this review