Book 1 Discovering Her Alpha


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Lori is moving on in her life. She dumped her boyfriend, has no family and left her job. She drives to a remote cabin to decompress and goes for a hike. When she gets lost and injured, fate intervenes and Lyall finds her. Alpha wolf of his pack, his magic is strong and when he comes across Lori he wonders why he has a strange pull towards her. His wolf wants to claim her as mate. But fated mates are rare and Lori is all human but his irrational jealousy and protective nature towards Lori leads him to believe that she is his true mate.

This isn’t just a full on erotic story. There is an actual storyline. Yes it took place over a short period of time but sometimes love does that, strike out of the blue and freaking hot!!!! I enjoyed reading it and it was a quick read. There was background into the running of a wolf pack. I was a little confused by the way humans accepted the existence of wolf shifters, i’m assuming this is a parallel timeline where shifters are known. But did not put me off in the slightest.