Eden feels her gift is a bit of hit and a miss. Sure she can see premonitions but she can’t always decipher what they men or when they will come pass. Worse, her visions tend to suck her in and spit her out. All those at least where “he” doesn’t ground her at least! She can’t seem to see his face or know where he is but he is her saviour, even if he can’t be her other half.


Samuel had an early run in with Sebastian and as a result he has become a man of a thousand faces, none of which can be his own damaged one. But when he and Eden eventually meet he worries why she can’t feel the tug as his other half. Is it truly because she hasn’t seen “his face” or has she truly given up on having a mate after thinking he has been dead all this time?

Great chance to catch up on all the previous Outsider couples and keep tabs on the malevolent Sebastian and his minions. Will Alexa ever see through his creepy facade to the evil within? Will Marina ever be able to die town that flighty mate of hers??? I love this series and can’t wait to see what happens next.