Mermaids and dragons are not supposed to mix but try telling that to Mila and Niall!!!


Niall and his brothers are trapped within their castle in Scotland but do their best to thwart any evil that comes a calling. Mila and her sister are mermaids, hiding from the world but still managed to be taken by slavers .Mila makes her escape but then has to travel the world looking for her sister and ends up in Scotland!

Enter one badboy, tough cookie with a heart of gold Niall. He may be a dragon but has been cursed into his human form only until he finds his mate…a tad hard when you are stuck within your castle and immediate environs. However the brothers managed to cast a spell which can bring their mates to them. When Niall meets Mila he knows what she is to him but she is in the middle of hell after losing her sister and he doesn’t want to force a mating on her. But to help find her sister he needs to be able to leave the castle!

Niall and his brothers are very real feeling. They are crotchety, bossy, snarky and loving to each other in their own weird ways! They have a few little extra talents up their sleeves that may just come in handy! There is a great seam of humour running through this book and the characters just sparkle.

I am always wary when characters are Scottish because as a Scot the written accent often makes the character sound Irish or Comedy Scots. Whilst I wouldn’t have used the Scots words as they are, there are different dialects throughout the country and there for I can say that they don’t come off too bad!

I voluntarily leave a review after reading an advanced reader copy & have not received payment in any way.