Beckett “Beck” Oswego has never really got over the death of his father and brother. He has gained a new family in his team but he feels there is something missing.


Cerise has realised that now is the time to get away from her smarmy “father”. She doesn’t even think he is really her father, after all she was there when they stole her sister Kaci “Lemon” from another family! He has been making sexual overtures to Lemon and Cerise will not allow her to be harmed by him, not until she takes her last breath! She has been visiting a nearby house and found some books and other knick knacks. But one day she finds the owner of the house fast asleep! She manages to “push” him back to sleep but if she thinks that’s the end of it she is soooo wrong!

After breaking out of jail and abducting her sister from the home she had been out in, Cerise is rescued by Beck who takes them across country to try and reunite Lemon with her family. On the way Cerise learns that not all men are like her father and that Beck is everything she could want in a partner but he is keeping a big, hairy secret from her!

There are some great family moments with the crew and their mates and you can just guess how protective the boys will get as their little “family” starts to expand! I loved Cerise, she was so naive and innocent she could have across as empty headed but she is clearly intelligent and has managed to educate herself to a certain degree. Lemon is just cuteness personified. Beck is..well Beck. Growly, sweet, passionate..everything you want in a mate!