Dom by name and Dom by nature! Dom has pulled himself out of the hell that was his childhood. He was happy plowing through the local female population but then he met Sam. She just gets all his nerves firing but she works for him and he does not want to muddy the waters…pity he can’t stop touching her then!


Sam has had it with Dom! He keeps blowing hot and cold. But as they are forced to work together to track the money that Nigel was accused of stealing, she learns more about his childhood and begins o understand his wariness to trust anyone. Dom can insert his foot into his mouth so regularly you wonder how he manages to get through a day without someone trying to kill him!!!

Dom and Sam are a great pairing. Sam may appear docile and fragile and nerdy but she has a core of steel and she will fight her corner. Dom is tough, sharp edged and more vulnerable than he lets on. Brilliant story and although you don’t have to read the others in the series, it certainly helps you to keep a check on characters and the story so far. Can’t wait for the next!