OOOh the action is hotting up and we learn some BIG secrets that Gage has been keeping. Like who he really is, why he joined the rebellion and more importantly why he heals so fast!!!


Laura is a doctor and on the run from the World Alliance. They may have got her mother but she has no plans to end up in their clutches. She had a bit of a one nighter with Gage but he never seems to want to talk about it or admit to it, so she feels a wee bit cheap!

Gage remembers that night vividly but if he wants to keep his secrets he can’t afford to let anyone in. But as they attempt to evade Alliance soldiers & cyborgs and help train a fledgling resistance type militia, Gage’s secrets unravel and Laura is left reeling.

This is a very detail oriented, original and well written story. Highly engaging characters with a “real feel” to them. Loved it!