I was worried about this book cos I LURVE this series but Madeline has not exactly been the easiest character to like so far! But I have thawed towards her now that I know what made her the icy britches she portrays herself to be. It was nice to have an older heroine and not another twentysomething.


Lore is just heart stoppingly charming. He is Alpha but with a real knowledge of how woman tick – which he uses to his advantage! Add in a hunt for the illegal fighting pits and the search for further human slaves and this book is a corker!

Lore really had to work for Madeline and he knows that it is long term endeavour to ease her heartache but he is just the man for the job.

I can’t wait to see who the Gladiators universe expands and now that there are further characters added to those already established I can see this series continuing for sometime – yay!!!

I have voluntarily read this book and this review is my honest opinion