This series just grows and grows! This time we meet Ruby and Christophe. They have already run into each other but Ruby feels so beneath Christophe’s French elegance that she takes some weirdass detours to avoid him!


Christophe is still having trouble coralling his little “trips” to parts unknown but he is also trying to keep tabs on his brother Colin, who did not have the same good start in life that he did. But as he and Ruby learn more about their heritage, they can’t help but be drawn together.

We also meet another wee contingent of the Outsiders incl Gia, who works in a bar and can pretty much make people do what she wants, Raquel, who seems to be a bit of a Firestarter and Zane who not only builds safes but cracks them! Gia and Zane may not be attracted to each other but feel a kinship nonetheless. I can’t wait to see more of these two and their other halves!

I’m wondering who is next to secure their mate????