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March 2017

★•**•.★ Release Tour & #Giveaway for Front Line by Jessica James ★•**•.★

★•**•.★ Release Tour & #Giveaway ★•**•.★

Front Line Release Tour Banner

Front Line ⇒

by Jessica James
Series: Phantom Force, #3
Release Date: March 27, 2017

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On the front lines, where battles are waged and fates decided, two counterterrorism operatives learn they have a lot to fight for—and even more to lose.

Phantom Force Tactical’s Nicholas “Colt” Colton thought the radical extremist he captured years ago was locked away for good. Unfortunately, a new classified mission reveals that the threat is still very real, and corruption within the U.S. government runs deep.

Task Force 2 agent Josephine “Joey” Summers has been working her own angle, trying to figure out where the terrorist leader will strike next. She’s come up with a very plausible—and terrifying—theory, but doesn’t know who she can trust. After teaming up with a retired Navy SEAL, she discovers the plot is even bigger than she’d imagined—and the consequences much more alarming.

When the stakes are this high, promises must be kept. And when thousands of people could die, sacrifices must be made. Only by letting go of their pasts will they have any hope of stopping the chaos. But courage and commitment—plus a heartfelt pledge—fuse to create an outcome that is both unpredictable and unimaginable.

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FRONT LINE: A Phantom Force Tactical Novel (Book 3)
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FINE LINE: A Phantom Force Tactical Novel (Book 2)
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Meet the author:

Jessica James is an award-winning author of suspense, historical fiction, and military fiction ranging from the Revolutionary War to modern day. She is the only two-time winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, and received a Gold Medal from the Military Writers Society of America in 2016.

Her novels appeal to both men and women and are featured in library collections all over the United States including Harvard and the U.S. Naval Academy. By weaving the principles of courage, devotion, duty, and dedication into each book, she attempts to honor the unsung heroes of the American military—past and present—and to convey the magnitude of their sacrifice and service.

James resides in Gettysburg, Pa., and is a member of the Military Writers Society of America, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and the Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of the American Legion Post 202, Gettysburg.

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Some Like It Witchy (Main Street Witches #3) by Ani Gonzalez

Who better to tame a fire witch than a firefighter???


Fiona’s Fire magic has a tendency to blow up in her face – sometimes literally. She feels safer just making her candles in downtown banshee Creek. She has other problems to deal with, like a little incorporeal racoonlike god who likes rock music and weird tasting snacks!

Gavin Mackay loves rules, regulations and procedures. But lately he seems to derive a sick kind of pleasure from carrying out spot checks on the local businesses, especially the sexy little candlemaker. But when she is implicated in the death of a well known coven leader, they band together to rout out the real culprit.

There are plenty of twists and turns and whattheheck moments. I loved all the crackpot, colourful but lovable characters! Can’t wait for more!

Bradi: Interstellar Alphas #2 by Mandy M. Roth

Another great read in the series!


Lt. Commander Bradi has been keeping a secret- anot just about his true birthplace and genetic makeup! His best friend (how these 2 were friends I’ve not yet worked out cos Peter is a sleaze of the highest order!!!) introduced his fiancee Marisa and since then he has been pulled towards her. He can’t make a move on his friends girl though and sets about making it look like he’s been rather busy on scene, when in truth he’d be as well being a monk!

When their ship is attacked Peter is injured and Bradi and Marissa get stranded in another escape pod and land on a nearby planet. Unknown to Marissa, Bradi knows exactly where he is – HOME!

Sargidia is under siege by the hate-filled Stegian, aided and abetted by some of Bradi’s own relatives! But as the length of their stay grows, Marissa and Bradi can’t help but let their feelings surface. But fate and bad luck are not finished with them yet and just as happiness seems a sure thing – a giant fly lands in their ointment!

Action, Space Adventure, Daring do and hot romance. What else does a girl need???

Cauldrons and Confessions (Warlocks MacGregor #4) by Michelle M. Pillow

As a Scot I’ve always hated books with Scottish characters in them as they always sound like a bad stereotype but these are some of the few exceptions!


Malina is fed up being babied. She may be the only girl and her magic can be a bit…iffy, but she is centuries old dammit! She will admit to having a rotten taste in men..for illustration see her last boyfriend who turned out to be a demon, who she helped kill. Pity the whole “killing” didn’t stick and now he is out for revenge!

He unleashes some of the worst (but absolutely hilarious) luck on the clan. They are invaded and turfed out of their own home! Dar makes his presence known and the truth behind Malina’s foggy memories of him, her own self esteem when it comes to magic and why she feels inexplicably drawn to someone her family should be vanquishing – not canoodling with!

This clan is a hoot! I can neither confirm nor deny that some of these characters might be based on loony relatives of mine LOL! We don’t do cavorting in the moonlight though – too damn cold here! Gimme more!!!

I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way

Heartsridge Shifters: Austin (South-One Bears #1) by Olivia Arran

Leona admits to being a bit of a control freak, whilst her sister is a bit of a dippy! But she is her sister and when she doesn’t return as scheduled, Leona races off to find her, deep in the heart of Shifter country.


Austin is an Alpha, in charge of his own security team of fellow shifters. He rose to the top even though he was a “made” bear rather than a natural born shifter. When he comes across the lovely Leona searching in forbidden territory he vows to help her find her sister. When they realise what has happened to her, Leona has to learn to live without her sister, cos she is going to have to stay where she is – for quite some time.

The poor put upon residents of Heartsridge, they have to put up with tourists coming “shifter spotting” and the even scarier humans who come to “bag a shifter” – in the sack!!! Austin’s team is a total mish mash of personalities, which I loved. I’m really not sure how to take the Mayor. At times I think he’s slime, at others a hard done by bureaucrat!

I can’t wait to see who they all fall in love with, although I think can bet on the next to fall!

Holding Fire by April Hunt Release Day Blitz

Alpha Security, #2

On Sale: March 28, 2017

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Alpha Security operative Trey Hanson is ready to settle down. When he meets a gorgeous blonde in a bar, and the connection between them is off the charts, he thinks he’s finally found the one. But after their night together ends in a hail of gunfire and she disappears in the chaos, Trey’s reasons for tracking her down are personal . . . until he learns she’s his next assignment.

Elle Monroe never expected to see Trey again. The night they shared was incredible, but the last thing she’s looking for is a relationship. Now that it’s clear she’s being targeted, though, she has no choice but to trust this man she barely knows with her life. And Trey’s not just determined to keep her safe . . . he’s determined to win her heart.




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April blames her incurable chocolate addiction on growing up in rural Pennsylvania, way too close to America’s chocolate capital, Hershey. She now lives in Virginia with her college sweetheart husband, two young children, and a cat who thinks she’s a human-dog hybrid. On those rare occasions she’s not donning the cape of her children’s personal chauffer, April’s either planning, plotting, or writing about her next alpha hero and the woman he never knew he needed, but now can’t live without.

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Elle stared, transfixed by the clock behind the airport’s claims counter. Each snap of the second-hand took about five years off her life. Being a few weeks shy of her thirtieth birthday, she estimated she had roughly ten-and-a-half seconds until the coroner needed to be called. Twelve, max, with a little bit of luck, but her luck seemed to be in short supply.

Her normal patience was at an all-time low, sucked into a black hole right along with her personal hygiene and her luggage. Twenty total hours in a plane, plus an unscheduled six-hour stop for mechanical repairs, was to blame for the first. The latter two were entirely the fault of the airline.

With a deep sigh, Elle looked around the large, open space. People milled through the airport, bulky suitcases bouncing behind them as they scrambled to their destinations, while others procured blankets and pillows and looked to be settling in for the duration of the night.

On her left, two children tackled the legs of a tall, slender soldier dressed in desert fatigues. Laughing, the woman bent, spreading kisses over every surface of their little cheeks.

Elle ignored the faint ache in her chest and watched the happy family walk away. As they disappeared around the corner, a new sensation whittled its way in—a tingle; the one she’d felt the instant she and Shay unloaded from the gate—the one that came with the ardent focus of someone’s attention. It took root in the pit of her stomach and didn’t let go.

When she’d sensed it earlier, she blamed the paranoia on lack of sleep and inhumane travel hours. But the prickle of awareness came back tenfold, turning her head until she noticed the man leaning against the far wall, reading a newspaper.

Elle did a double take. It wasn’t Trey. It couldn’t be. She’d left him back in Thailand without so much as her last name, much less her travel itinerary, yet the longer she stared at stranger across the room, the faster her heart galloped.

Worn blue jeans encased his thighs perfectly. Not tight. Not baggy. No doubt if he turned around, the rear would look as impressive as the front. Both his face and his hair were disappointedly half-hidden by a baseball cap and sunglasses, but he had the same strongly chiseled jaw and sexy blond scruff that made her want to throw every razor known to man straight into the garbage.

Though he never looked away from his paper, the wall lounger’s lips twitched, almost as if sensing her visual appraisal. That smirk. Those lips. The stretch of a long-sleeved T over a chest wide enough to land an airplane on. Elle nearly collapsed into an X-rated memory of how lips nearly identical to those of this stranger had pleasurably ripped away all her sensibilities only a scant few days ago.

Standing in the middle of a busy airport definitely wasn’t the time to relive her night with Trey. When her turn came up at the counter, she gave herself a mental slap and focused on giving the attendant the information the airline needed to reconnect her with her suitcase. And then with a Have a nice day and her single carry-on, Elle shuffled away to wait for Shay to finish in the bathroom.

She searched her purse for her cell phone and bounced off the chest of another traveler.

“Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.” She reflexively reached out to steady to victim.

Shut it,” a low voice snarled.

Oh, hell no. Exhaustion mixed with an insane need to shower off the last day and a half made her head swivel to Mr. Attitude. She looked up. And up. Whoa. He was ridiculously tall.

If she’d had a little bit more sleep she’d probably be able to talk herself out of confronting someone so freaking huge, but she’d had a middle seat, and both Shay and the man to her left had been armrest hogs. Elle was eight hours past polite.

She narrowed her eyes, wishing her glare would make him squirm. “It was an accident. I said I was sorry. There’s no need to be a jerk about it.”

“Actually, there is.” Mr. Attitude clamped a hand around her upper arm and squeezed.

Ow. Hey, watch it!” She tugged, and he tightened his hold.

He leaned his large body way past her personal boundaries. That was when she saw the scar, half-hidden behind his sunglasses. It looked angrier up close, the skin around his eye socket puckered straight up to his hairline. Cold dread licked up Elle’s spine.

It was Alley Man.

“I told you to shut. The fuck. Up.” He emphasized each word and punctuated it with a sharp jab to her ribs. When she attempted to twist away, the poke came again—this time with the cool sensation of metal.

A gun.

Alley Man stepped closer, careful to keep it hidden from view. “If you so much as twitch, sputter, or look at anyone cross-eyed, I won’t hesitate to make this very bad for you. Do you fucking understand me?”

Elle re-swallowed the bile that had risen to her throat. “I should probably warn you that I don’t have any money. Well, I have about ten dollars’ worth of Thai baht, but that’s about it. And maybe a fuzzy breath mint.”

Tightening his grip, he steered them away from anyone who would remotely care what was happening. And let’s face it: This was one of the busiest airports in the country. No one was going to notice one travel-ravaged blonde, even if she stripped down to her cotton undies and streaked half naked through the terminal.

Alley Man kept the gun pressed firmly between her ribs as he directed them to the exit. “I don’t want your money, Miss Monroe.”

Elle’s heart went from a steady thunder to an apocalyptic roar. He knew her name. He knew she’d be at this airport. On this day. On this flight.

The only thing Elle knew was that she was really—and completely—screwed.

Holding Fire (Alpha Security #2) by April Hunt

I really enjoyed the first book in the series and I’m not disappointed with the 2nd! I loved falling back in love with these super macho, interfering, dominate-the-room Alphas!


Trey thought a night of lust before taking up his new assignment was just what he needed. But when his bedmate does the morning after evade on him he’s left feeling that he just let something great slip through his hands. But bullets were flying at the time and he had other work at hand! Elle went to Thailand to get away from men who wanted to pin her down and put her in a box – never again! Her ONS seemed to want more and she just can’t take the chance with her heart – cause when she dumped her ex she barely passed a tear – losing Trey? She’d give Niagara a run for its money!

But Trey gets a nasty surprise when his next assignment turns out to be Elle. She is the daughter of a Senator and threats are being made against her. Trey is going to have to swallow is damaged male pride and keep her safe. But when their location keeps being blown and she is attacked several times – they go waaaaaay off the map to keep her safe. But are Trey and Elle’s hearts as safe?

The Alpha team are so a dysfunctional family. The bickering, the senseless rough housing, the name calling – it’s great! The team are in fine form and Charlie – oh my my. My fellow Brit is going to be explosive when she and “Navy” finally get around to quit shying away from each other!

Great pace and I really liked Trey as a character. Elle did have to grow on me I must admit. I’m hoping her Dr friend will turn up again cos think her and a certain Alpha would be fab together!

Plenty of romance and adventure with a side of humour – fab read!

Champion (Galactic Gladiators #5) by Anna Hackett

Flying Spacemonkeys! We are back with my favourite Gladiators again. This time it is the Amazonian like Saff and the recently rescued and still recovering from drug withdrawal Blaine.


Saff is clearly one of the gang, they see her as sister in arms, capable and equally deadly as they are. She is the best net fighter of them all and she can probably put them all on their collective a$$, should she feel like it! Blaine, however, still sees her as a female, someone to protect, cherish and adore. He’s slowly recovering from the drugs the underground fighting bosses loaded him up with and his control is a bit or miss and he’s terrified of hurting Saff or any of the others.

House of Galen is left reeling from an attack and when the madness settles down they realise that some of the recently rescued females have, once again, been taken. Blaine and Saff go looking for them and some of the things Blaine is forced to do in order to not blow their cover, stick in his throat.

There is plenty happening in their book. It was great to see “Blue” was still in the care of House of Galen and I can’t wait to see what happens with him in the future. It was also great having Raiden and the other still in supportive roles, they are family to Saff and it’s only right they would be involved! Onwards and upwards to the next!!!

Stoking the Flames Anthology

This is a superb collection from a selection of the most prolific and best selling PNR authors out there. All have their own unique take on Dragons and their mates. They all have different background worlds and mythologies and I heartily enjoyed all of them.


The content includes: Soul Fire by Kelly Abell, Desired Revenge by Solease M. Barner, Devon by Kathi S. Barton, On Wings of Time by Linda Boulanger, Dragonslayer, Dragon Heart by Isobelle Cate
Heart of a Dragon by L.J. Garland, Promised to A Dragon by Darlene Kuncytes, The Dragon’s Sacrifice by Andi Lawrencovna, Sadie’s Shadow by Julia Mills, I Dream of Dragons by Tricia Owens, Fire and Ice by Kate Richards, Curse of the Dragon’s Eye by Kali Willows, Scorched Hearts by Victoria Zak

Sadie’s Shadow by Julia MILLS so far was my favourite. A little tangent from her Dragon Guard series, this new pack of dragons and other mythical female shifters are going to be a great addition!

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