Earth banished Supernaturals eons ago but those who hid out on earth were executed when they were discovered. Those who escaped into space were thought to have been lost, or if they were lucky, landed safely on unknown planets undetected.


Captain Sevan Vasil works for the Commission those who rid the earth of Supernatural’s but…they didn’t realise he was one too. His test was negligible and he slipped through the net. Sevan for the past 6 months has had dreams of a woman that was perfect for him. His only problem was he was a werelion and could not trace her in case his supernatural abilities were found out.

Lorelei was dreaming of a mate she knew she could never have.
Their worlds collide due to a mission to repair a broken ship and a fight for their lives due to some unseen evil force.

This book has everything you could want: Vampire Sorcerers, hunky shifters, badass heroines, life and death situations. Everything that signifies a Mandy Roth book. Fabulous series and I’m looking forward to the other books in the series!!