Rafe may be the Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack but even he has to occasionally listen to his mum! When he and his Wolf become more bloodthirsty than usual, hunting far from pack lands and killing for the sake of the hunt and not for hunger, even he realises there is something seriously hinky afoot. When his Mum recalls the legend that this happens when a shifter needs to find their mate he trusts that he finds this mate soon, before he slips into madness!


Tasha has lost everything she once held dear. Her family is gone, her pack decimated and she is only just managing to outrun the rogue shifters on her tail. When they finally corner her she decides to go down fighting but when one of the largest wolves she has ever seen comes to her rescue, she is about to get more than salvation…she is about to get her mate!

Another sure fire winner! A perfect blend of action, adventure, romance and with an undercurrent of loss and redemption. Characters leap off the page and into your heart. Rafe’s mum is a total gem and I love the way she treats him still as her son first and foremost not the Alpha! I had to read it all in one go and then read it again just in case I missed anything.