Lisa has reached the end of her rope! Her friend has gone missing, the police are far from interested and a friend of a friend has recommended she visit the Devil’s Playground Night Club and she’ll get the help she needs. Jessie Lyon, an ex-cop & current PI as missed her check in whilst working undercover and Lisa needs the cavalry ASAP. Edward Molodavi is not someone to be taken lightly but this is personal for Jessie, who believes he was involved in the shooting of her father.


The Brotherhood uses the Devils Playground as a profitable front for their team. They tread were normal law enforcement fear to tread. Led by the indomitable Dylan McCourt, this bunch of Vets are doing what they can to right the world. One look as Jessie and Dylan is having all sorts of non professional thoughts about saving her.

This is a tightly wound plot with great characters, horrible mobsters and an entire ocean worth of good people willing to go the extra mile (and willingly look the other way in some circumstances) to jet justice for those whom the system has failed. Jessie is a tough cookie and just hates to appear vulnerable in anyway. Dylan is honourable and wants to let her get her revenge but he just can’t seem to stop trying to protect her!

I’m really looking forward to more in this series and Ace and Lisa are gonna be fun!

I have chosen to read and review this novel and this is my honest opinion.