OMG AMBRA are back and brilliant as ever!


This time around we have the Scorching hot Scotsman Rem (yes I am biased thank you!) and Lisa, sister of the Dragon himself! She has been resurrected from her “death” and brought back within the fold and not all of her siblings are happy that she is back! Kent especially seems to take it quite hard. Lisa has been isolated for almost a year and she has lost everything, her family, her job and more than likely escaped jail through her “death”. But once again Dragon has called her to duty and as with all Avery’s duty comes first.

Enter Scotland’s ace pilot and all around hunk of alphaness himself Reginald Remington. This should be his last mission before taking a training position so he can take over care for his orphaned nephew. But when betrayal hits close to his tight circle of friends and interferes in his quest for revenge against his brothers killer, he really resents the heck out of Lisa, probably as much as he lusts after her!

Adventures through Eastern Europe, some truly memorable scenes include a bowling alley and the top deck of a car park, I kid you not! Spectacularly well written and characters that you equally could smother with love or a pillow! My only quibble was that no self respecting Scotsman would be called Reginald! LOL But I am glad to have another Scotsman breaking hearts the world over!!!!