Trina is in dire need of some extra cash. Her dad’s medical bills are piling up and their family business is just not pulling in enough cash. But is a sleazy nightclub really the place she wants to work? During her interview she sees an ad for a temporary wife. But isn’t that just this job, selling herself (and her dignity) for money?


Dane needs a human wife to secure the property that belonged to his grandmother. But when he saves Trina at a nightclub he can only hope that any potential temp wife can have the same impact on him that she did! When she replied to his ad he can’t believe his luck. But as they grow closer and danger begins to mount Dane finds himself hoping that this temporary arrangement becomes permanent!

Family secrets and distant relations are making life hell for Dane and Trina. I loves how Dane just accepted Trina and her dad as a package. The wee sideline friendship between Trina’s dad and Dane’s cook/cleaner is really sweet too. The bedroom scenes rock and the storyline has a bit of bite!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book