The Alma Venus world expands again with another Valentines Day based novella.


Astrid is a dragon shifter and sister to Viggo. She is in London to meet with James Harrington, her brother in law by marriage. He is looking for investors to further research the antidotes to make mates for shifters into hybrids.

She’s not quite sure what to make of her feelings towards antidotes. She is a female shifter, those of her clan can’t reproduce with her and she can’t imagine mating with someone who was not equal to her. Then she meets James. Sweet, intensely hot, slightly nerdy James. He is not be your stereotypical mad scientist and the chemistry is intense and hot.

I did feel a bit annoyed with Astrid as she didn’t want a mate of lower financial standing than her. I can understand she didn’t want a freeloader but would she really rule out love because he was in the wrong income bracket?!?!?!?! James was well matched with Astrid as he was a child of privilege also.