A little gem in a great series. Valentines Day is fast approaching and Matt, playboy Beta to the Blackmayne pack, is feeling out of sorts. He is dateless for the big day but doesn’t want a nameless, faceless woman to fill his bed. Could he actually be ready for his mate like his Alpha’s mate thinks he is????


When he goes home and logs into the new adn improved Alma Venus mail order bride site, he finally finds a woman who he can’t flick by. Tessa. He starts to message her and lets just say his impulsiveness continues!!!

Tessa has been treated appalling badly in previous relationships. She really can’t believe that a hottie like Matt could want shy, retiring her. But as the two message back and forth Matt can see the wild woman she is hiding under her stable exterior! This is going to be V-Day that neither forgets! Short and snappy and great for a lunch hour read.

I voluntarily leave a review for this book, which I received an advance copy of.