Oh my!!! Bo may just have his hands full with this firecracker! Bo likes order and discipline. He likes to be charge in the bedroom. Cheri is hot tempered, loudmouthed, mouths off before she thinks and refuses to take orders from a man, never again! She has room for only one man in her life, her cousin Lamont who saved her when she need it and she now sees it as her mission to save him from himself and his bad decisions!!!


Then why oh why does she seem to intentionally flout the law and catch the eye of Bo?? Sure he’s hot and muscly but she doesn’t want order in her life…does she???

But as Bo lets loose the passion he feels for Cheri, bodies are dropping..especially worrying in a town where the worst crime so far is disturbing the peace!! With a hep of family secrets, possible PTSD and a healthy dollop of humour, especially where CW and Squirrel are involved! This is a real roller-coaster ride and I read it in one fell swoop – I could not put it down!

With a really tight storyline which even included the redemption of a cousins skanky girlfriend, this is a surefire hit! With little hints at who may be the next, I’m really interested in the possible relationship between Laney and a certain salt and pepper ex soldier! Riser and Cord are going to be equally fun characters to see fall into the love trap!