Tyral is facing his impending death with much aplomb! He is returning home to be with hid family and settle his affairs. But when he is kidnapped by space pirates, he finds he now has something to live for…a spunky female pilot who is incarcerated with him.


When they escape and he is injured he feels an uncommon connection to Dorsey but she can’t be his mate can she? She’s human!!

Dorsey is an excellent pilot but she is out of her depth when she is picked up by slaver pirates. But with her newly escaped fellow detainee they escape and make their way to the nearest friendly planet. But with the bond increasing between them Ty feels a strong need to protect her and Dorsey has an equally strong need to find out who is messing with her life!

What unfolds is a little gem of romance, suspense and sci-fi goodness!!! The characters were adorable and I hated the fact that even in the future woman have to work twice as hard as the men to be taken seriously!!! I loves all the layers to the story including a newly discovered plot to take over whole sections of space and smuggling of weapons. You’re never too sure who is helping the duo and who is directing them away from their goal.

Can’t wait for more!