Olesya was taken to a specialised school when she was only 8, leaving her brother behind. Zakhar should have gone with her but he somehow missed out. Fast forward 6 years and with basic English now under her belt. Russian born Olesya is picked to join Firebird Squad much to her amazement and the squad leaders consternation!


Her talent is more…esoteric, she is not ready for combat…or so she thinks. Arkadiusz may just have to revise his opinion of his new team mate!

Fast forward a few years and Olesya is at the top of her game and working to keep the immense power at bay that wants to control the world. But her fellow operatives are falling off the map and she is worried that they had been identified and eliminated.

This is a well defined and layered story. It has a fast pace but not so fast that you get lost. I love Sci-fi and PNR thrillers so this was right up my street. I ‘m not a fan of flip flopping through time so that did kinda annoy me but I get why that was an intergral part in moving the story along. This is a little nugget of sci-fi that will fill an hour or two depending on how fast you read.

I was provided with a copy of this book from the author and chose to leave a review voluntarily.