I would definitely read this series in order, makes things much easier to grasp!


After their ship crashed on THE most inhospitable planet in the universe our intrepid human explorers are finally settling in with their new neighbours. With her friends baby on the way, Amara can see mushiness all around as her friends are mating with the dragon-like natives.

She was a damn good pilot but is now related to third rate engineer as she tries to cobble together human and alien tech to keep the formerly deserted city alive. She could do without Shidan constantly hovering. He is sin incarnate but she wants nothing to do with expanding the baby pool!!!.

Shidan felt the primal need to fight for Amara as soon as he met her, much to her annoyance! Since then he has made it his mission to look after her, even learning English in secret so that he can surprise her. But when the baby boom is rocked by a possible medical emergency, Amara and Shidan are sent to try and locate the necessary equipment from their crashed ship. Dodging pirates and fighting the effects of lethal flora and fauna makes this a daunting journey.

I’m loving this series and Shidan is an absolute doll but Amara was hard work to like. I get she has been wronged or passed over in the past because she was a woman but she came over as unrelentingly bitchy!

I voluntarily received a copy of this story and this is my honest review