Annnnnnnd we’re back on form in the Alma Venus world. I wasn’t so happy with Kevin and Ashley’s story but the chemistry between these two sizzles!!!


Caleb and Rosanna are both heartbroken at the loss of Val, Caleb’s partner and Rosanna bestie over a decade ago. Caleb has been having feelings on the non friendly variety towards Rosanna lately and he is so conflicted he is distracted and surly!

Rosanna has always loved Caleb and when she saw how much he and Val were in love she chose to step back and not pursue him. She was always in Val’s effervescent shadow. There is no bad feelings towards her for this, Rosanna always knew that she was the sidekick to the more popular Val.

Caleb doesn’t the is softened by the fact that he is clearly still mourning a woman who was not yet his mate. But Caleb goes too far and tried to take on a threat that is too great for him to handle on his own and finally realises how much Rosanna means to him when she gets hurt trying to help him.

Sweet, romantic, soulful and a great little addition!!!