Nick Armstrong is one of 4 brothers, all involved in flying in one way or another. He loves being in the Coast Guard but when he is the sole survivor of a crash he not only has to deal with his injuries but also PTSD and survivor guilt. When his family hires him a live in physiotherapist, who just happens to be stunning, he thinks his life is taking an upturn. But the loves Chloe is not all that she appears.


Chloe feels an attraction towards Nick but its not very professional to lust after a client, even less so when you are in his home on a spying mission. Chloe.s father holds Nick responsible for the crash which killed her brother and they are determined to make Nick and his wealthy family pay. When she realises just how skewed her fathers view of Nick and his brothers is, how can she extricate herself from the mess that she is partly responsible for?

I though Nick and Chloe were a great pairing. Both strong, proud and determined to get what they want. I loved the way Nick’s brothers all pile on the matchmaking! Great read and intriguing story. Looking forward to Ace’s story – that boy has a story to tell!!! Also want to hear more from Dakota, Chloe’s best friend. That woman almost stole the show a couple of times!