FINALLY!!!! Bodhi and Syn are putting us out of our misery and telling their story! Bodhi has always come over as such a manwh&*e and I really wondered why the Goddess would have paired these two. But with a little magical intervention, maniacal plans and a little sprinkle of Jenna madness, we finally realise why Bodhi has denied his mate for so long.


I’m not sure who beats who when it comes to self-doubt but I think Bodhi had a crappiest end of the stick, I mean what are you supposed to do when your mate is so much younger than you and if you are near her all you want to do is loves her?? You go drown yourself in a few bimbo’s, that’s what!

Bodhi learns he has more family than he first thought and he realises just what lengths he will go to to keep them safe. Syn is just all manners of contradictions – sweet, sassy,sex on a stick and virginal. She is Bodhi catnip! This was a tightly plotted, irreverently funny, at turns sweet and sexy page-turner with a couple of straight out of left field plot twists which may mean a certain Wolpire Duo may get their girl sooner rather later.

With Jenna’s homespun good natured lunacy ( I especially loved Wolfeal!!!) she is a force of nature. I loved how she doesn’t bless all the Iron Wolves with the magic juice! She clearly has her favourites..although the little charm to stop all the waving of the junk is just downright mean to the reader!

I have to say all those little…blessings runny around soon I can’t wait to get back here!