Ashlyn is juggling work and homelife like a pro. She has been left to care for her brothers and one just dropped her right into the poo!!! He owes a LOT of money to some very bad people and they want it back. NOW. Her only way to save the family more heartache is to become a mail-order bride offworld. She didn’t realise that signing up would lead to adventures.


Nat is a bit of pirate but with a good reason. He is “appropriating” property going to the elites and sharing the meds and food with refugees who actually need it. His world is slowly drowning and his brother has become one of the despised elite. With his sister providing assistance he is doing hit best to rebel! When he gets into bother with the patrols he lies to say he was on his way to pick up his fiancee. One rapid call to Terra Mates and one bride purchased. Now he just has to get her to the patrol office to prove they are married.

Although there is a clear attraction between them, they are both wary for different reasons. She doesn’t want to get attached- she is after all just marrying for money. He doesn’t want his pirating to get out. Really nice pace to this and the storyline felt quite fresh. Highly enjoyable read and will be reading more by this author!