OMG How did Drake survive his childhood???!!?! Between parents who’d never win parent of the year and 6, count’em 6 little sisters I’m surprised he’s not grey headed or locked up in a mental health facility!!!!


Midnight Delta is back with a bang. Drake is very, very alpha. He is the caring foundation for his family. He may not have returned home after almost being framed by a crony of his slimy father, but he never stopped looking out for his sisters. He pays for college, cars, food, you name it. He is sweetness wrapped in a macho exterior with a streak of stubborn you would not believe!!

Karen is one of Piper’s teachers. When Piper calls Drake after a near-miss with their jailbird father, he leaps to the rescue. When she has to go into hiding her favourite teacher and mentor is pulled into the mayhem. When she is attacked Drake automatically makes her “family” and pulls her into his protective shell. But Karen is fast melting his outer frosty shell. She is all curves, sass and fearlessness. She left a family of older brothers behind and she is no shy retiring violet!!!

Drake’s sisters are all mini clones of him to a certain extent but with their own funny quirks. I loved the family strategy meetings and how they try to keep HIM out of trouble for a change. Drake realises that he may not have told the team the truth about his family but they all figured it out one way or the other – I mean Clint, Mason and rest are not just going to sit back and no dig around a little!!!! I also loved the fact that Drake may have his sisters but he also has a real family with his team – he is the glue that holds them together- the beating heart of the team.

I cannot wait to see what happens between a certain sister and a new temporary addition to Midnight Delta!! That is going to be fireworks!!