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February 2017

HEATING IT UP by Elizabeth Harmon

Download a new Red Hot Russians novella from RITA finalist Elizabeth Harmon! In HEATING IT UP, a heart-warming novel of mistaken identity and forced proximity, widow Nora Bradford and Russian adventurer Alexei Zaikov must work together to save their small... Continue Reading →


Love Beyond Sight (The Outsiders, #4) by Rebecca Royce

Eden feels her gift is a bit of hit and a miss. Sure she can see premonitions but she can't always decipher what they men or when they will come pass. Worse, her visions tend to suck her in and... Continue Reading →

Sevan: (Interstellar Alphas #1) by Mandy Roth

Earth banished Supernaturals eons ago but those who hid out on earth were executed when they were discovered. Those who escaped into space were thought to have been lost, or if they were lucky, landed safely on unknown planets undetected.... Continue Reading →

Rafe (A Wolf’s Hunger #1) by A.K. Michaels

Rafe may be the Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack but even he has to occasionally listen to his mum! When he and his Wolf become more bloodthirsty than usual, hunting far from pack lands and killing for the sake of... Continue Reading →

Hard Play (Delta Force Brotherhood #1) by Sheryl Nantus

Lisa has reached the end of her rope! Her friend has gone missing, the police are far from interested and a friend of a friend has recommended she visit the Devil's Playground Night Club and she'll get the help she... Continue Reading →

Unmasked Secrets (Iron Rods Strip Club #2) by Brenna Zinn

    Amazon iBooks Kobo Smashwords Hannah Armstrong, the new principal of Santana High School is a complete ball buster, so Mack Garner, her drama teacher, thinks. Her cutbacks to his department’s budget will force him to scrimp on his students—something he refuses to... Continue Reading →

Alien Protector by Ashley West

Draco has been hunting for The Cillidan Artefacts for his king, and foster brother, Plintos. He has managed to find 2 but so far the 3rd is proving to be the most elusive! But as Plintos mental stability seems to... Continue Reading →

Shifter Untamed (Aspen Valley Wolf Pack # 1) by Amber Ella Monroe

Trina is in dire need of some extra cash. Her dad's medical bills are piling up and their family business is just not pulling in enough cash. But is a sleazy nightclub really the place she wants to work? During... Continue Reading →

A Mate for the Dragon Girl by Cara Wylde

The Alma Venus world expands again with another Valentines Day based novella. Astrid is a dragon shifter and sister to Viggo. She is in London to meet with James Harrington, her brother in law by marriage. He is looking for... Continue Reading →

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