Holy Moly we are back with a bang into the world of CZR!


Jade & Liem are fabulously well written and their chemistry is off the chart! Jade’s on the slippery slope with the Matchmaker when she realises that the date she set up for Liem is a no show! Her parents were set up by the Matchmaker and she has always wanted to make them proud of her and she is determined that Liem will find his mate!

Liem Long is a Fucanglong dragon, guardians of metals and jewels and all the pretty shiny things. But after 500 years he is feeling the pull of insanity form hoarding so much and needs a mate to keep him on an even keel.

There are twists and turns, family treachery and wee bit of transmutation!!! Lets just say Jade is well named! Fabulously well written and descriptive story, with a colourful world you can get lost in for a few hours!