Gabriel is coming to terms with the fact that his life long friend, Alexa, has gone deep into Sebastian’s lies. He’s just glad he escaped the demons clutches when he did. But when he is stuck and an unnatural flood is bearing down on him he gets some help from an unexpected source!


Loraine has been hiding her “Dr Doolittle” type talent for most of her life. But with apparently non ageing doggy friend, Futon, helping her she manages to do some good with her talents. When they rescue Gabriel he realises he is one of the Outsiders and they head off to Maine to introduce Loraine to the others.

We get to see more of Alexa in thos story and you really just want to grab hold of her and shake her into next week!!! How can she be so oblivious to Sebastian’s sliminess!!! If she really is Leonardo’s mate – oh dear!!!

My real quibble with this series so far is that mates are only supposed to love and get intimate with each other. But so far only the girls seem to stick to this!! The boys apparently got to act like any randy teenager! They do say they didn’t love their partners but the poor girls don’t even get to do anything!!!! The only even appearing to try and generate interest in the opposite sex is Alexa, who seems to be getting closer, manipulated or not, to Sebastian…ick!!!!!

These are re-releases of books first issues a few years ago but I haven’t read them before so I’m really enjoying getting to know the world through fresh eyes – virginity quibble aside!!!

Roll on book 4!!!