I’m loving this Cyborg series. There is Sci-fi, romance, action and a good dose of humour which all mix into a wonderful story!


March has never really got over being dumped by Jules whilst they were students. She just vanished into the night..no call, no letter. He now has business of the sneaky kind on her home planet and he decides to try and look for her just to make sure that she is safe and well. But she does have the most common name on her planet! He is just to deliver a spacecraft as a bonding gift for the empress to be and then try and dig out some contacts to see if the AOP can get a base on the planet.

But when he realises that Jules is the aforementioned Empress-to-be he is shocked and thinks that she never really loved him in the first place, she knew that she had to return to her planet at some time for this bonding. Eventually he realises that all is not what it seems and there are major Machiavellian schemes going on behind the very pleasant, non emotional Xenian (Think Vulcan like) facade of the Emperor and his council.

There are weird bonding rituals, that March gets involved in and then further incidents occur that lead to poor March getting into a LOT of hot water! There are brilliantly comic moments during the talks between March and his fellow cyborgs. March is still an Alpha male but much different to the other Cyborgs we’ve seen so far. He is much more of a thinker and less of a “smash now ask questions later” type. Jules is so self sacrificing that she stands in her own way! If the Zenian Seer was any more vague she’d be as well not saying anything!

This is a quick, enjoyable read and fits nicely into a lunch hour for me. Looking forward to more.